Marine Series #3 – Hingham Holiday Top Complete

(click image for larger picture) All pieced together

Having a clean workspace is inspiring.  Maybe there is something to that old saw about having a clean area means you can think more clearly, or work better.  Whatever the case may be, I managed to finish sewing together the top of my latest marine series quilt, which I’ve been calling Hingham Holiday, as the photo this quilt is based on was taken in Hingham, Massachusetts.  It is a miracle that I only lost one of the freezer paper templates for the pieces, given the many times the work has been moved around the upstairs in the last few weeks.  Ironically, it wasn’t one of the really teeny little templates, either.  It was a piece that was about 4 centimeters long, and maybe three centimeters wide.

I plan to use  Hobbs Wool batting, and a sailing themed backing fabric.  My main goals in the quilting will be to show the depth of the seated figure.  We’ll see how that goes.

This is 35 inches x 48.5 inches, or 89 cm x 123 cm, unfinished, so it will be a little smaller when it is complete.

This really makes me want to go sailing again..  Anyone got a boat?

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  1. ingrid says:

    the boat is at the cottage. you can sail all day (if there is any wind)

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