Studio Improved…

There will be only “After” pictures here, as I’m too embarrassed by the state of this room before, but a few of my good friends and family have seen the piles of crap, I mean stuff, that were all over the place.  I am only going to treat you to what it looks like now that I’m no longer embarrassed, and before it is completely what I want.  I now want to show you the thing about my weekend’s work of which I am most proud:

wood floor, empty space

The fuzziness of the photo is NOT because I haven't swept. I did.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, that’s EMPTY FLOORSPACE!

Now, with cutting mats for scale.. more than 12 square feet of space!

Each cutting mat is 24 x 36 inches.  Enough room to foxtrot, at least, maybe even waltz. Probably not Viennese, but that’s above my skill level, anyway.

For those of you who might wonder how much quilting fabric I actually have, I’ll start my 360-degree room tour with that fabulous new shelving unit, on the south wall.

I managed to fill the shelves pretty well- yes, all the lower ones have stuff in them.

Room for the eye to rest, right?

Still a little work to do to finish tidying up

More storage, for notions, batting, interfacing, garment fabric

Design Wall side

Home of Future Cutting Table

I plan to put a cutting table here, and have the left set of baskets under the table.  I may have to move the flannel design wall to the other side of the room.  I also plan on getting a flip chart easel for my foam core board, for pinning on my work in progress. Or maybe I could hang some kind of pinning board to the wall.  This last photo shows the remaining bags of stuff that I need to go through, but that seems like an easy thing to get done.

In the course of my weekend, I broke down endless amounts of cardboard, emptied lots of bags, etc.  There were a few found gems, not least of which is the original label I made for my second quilt ever!  I guess I better sew it on now, eh?


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4 Responses to Studio Improved…

  1. Mary Nelson says:

    Beautiful! That was a lot of effort but so worth the end result. I know they say when there is too much clutter the mind feels cluttered. I have a friend who will only start a new project when the last on is finished, cleaned up and her space to begin again. I always admired that attitude….but never enough to do the same!

  2. Lynda Clover says:

    Good for you! Now, get thee to Target this week. They have their folding banquet table on sale for $32.00. Placed on IKEA’s plastic bed risers (@7.00), and you have the perfect height cutting table! No moss on you!

  3. Kathy Seifert says:

    Love the new shelving unit!! I definitely have storage envy 🙂 You are on a roll with all your nesting activities these days….

  4. Jennifer says:

    Yeah, I can never have only one project going. But I haven’t done any sewing while this has all been going on, otherwise I’d have lost steam. Now I’m ready to roll.

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