Marine Series: Dram Completed!

finally finished quilting,with small repair

I am pleased that this quilt is finally finished.  I need to make a new label, since I created a label in 2011, but it’s well into 2012 now that this is ready to hang on a wall.  My final additions were the insignia on the sail, and the rest of the quilting of sky and sail.  This process did involve a little bit of angst, a new iron, and some small repairs.  When I was putting the numbers on the sail the first time, my iron left an obvious mark (think coffee stain).  I am proud to say that this did not involve tears, though I may have muttered a few words that aren’t family friendly.  I have experience as a sailor, after all.

After procuring a new iron, commiserating with a fellow quilter, and letting some time pass, I replaced the burnt panel and finished adding the insignia (for the Northeast Harbor Fleet, and the International One Design, or International Class).  This morning  I finished quilting the sky, and the sail, using my darning foot and two colors of Aurifil 50 weight thread.

(Those in the NE Harbor fleet will know that Dram, number 13, actually has a black hull, and that this boat actually held Bronson, Phyllis, and Scott when the original photo was taken, but I’m not above a little artistic license.)

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2 Responses to Marine Series: Dram Completed!

  1. MOM says:

    Beautiful, Jen. Congratulations!

  2. Jennifer says:

    Thanks Mummy. 🙂

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