Finally Quilting Hingham Holiday

This morning I am in the studio, after suddenly not having a commitment of my time.  After some espresso, I’ve managed to sandwich and “bind” my third Marine Series quilt, titled Hingham Holiday.  (I generally do a “pillowcase” edge for my wall quilts, so that I don’t have to make binding.  As I rarely put borders on my pictorial quilts, I like the edge that this gives me.)  Now it’s time to get quilting.  I took these shots as I’m auditioning thread color choices.  Some of these are from the Edyta Sitar Kit Art box, and others are from my varied collection of Aurifil MAKO 50 weight that I’ve bought at local quilt shops, like Olive Juice Quilts in Onalaska, WI,  (got the 2250 red there this week!) or Pine Needles Quilt Shop in Rochester, MN.

After a macchiato doppio, and a few more hours, I’ve got some quilting done, but still have work left.

I’m working on making the sky recede from the foreground.  Looks like this is going to take a while.  I like the way the sky looks just under the lifeline at the top of this photo, but as you can see, I’ve got more than a bobbin full to fill in the rest of the sky on this side alone.

For the features, I’m trying to use the density of quilting as well as the color to show depth.  I’ve quilted the head and torso, but still have the hands and the lower torso to do.

Here’s how I treated the face, which I’m quite pleased with, considering I didn’t plan this in advance, and just quilted it in a few seconds.  I should remember this lack of advance planning sometime when I’m obsessing over little details.  Note to self….

Yes, this is a self-portrait.  Does the denser quilting of the neck remind you of a sunburn?  That would be accurate….

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