Marine Series #3 Complete!

I’m on a roll this weekend.  I just finished quilting the last few sections of Hingham Holiday, my third in a series of marine-related quilts.  Thanks to some good music and podcasts on my iPod, I’ve managed to finish.  I did portions of stippling and basic free-motion with my darning foot, and large sections of this with the walking foot, particularly for the straight line shadows on the cockpit and bench, as well as for the sky.  I’m still not that adventurous with my stippling patterns, and I think this is mostly due to the large chunks of time between my quilting sessions. We’ll see if I can work on that this winter.

This picture shows the quilting pretty well,  but doesn’t do the best job of showing the color changes that I used to try and show the shadows from the sun (which would be on the right of the viewer).  My goal was to use both color and quilting to bring parts of the figure forward, and to make other parts of the cockpit and sky recede.  There is, of course, that foreshortening issue, which is why the hand on the tiller seems so huge in comparison to the rest of the figure, and seems even bigger given what I needed to do to make it pieceable, but I haven’t really had to deal with foreshortening in previous quilts, so I’m going to give myself a passing grade on this attempt.

I find it funny that this particular image is one of sailing close up, but that there’s such a tiny portion of this image that represents water.  Hopefully it will make more sense if it is shown with the others.  That’s another goal for the future.

I think I had a record amount of bobbin winding and thread color changes in this quilt- I used eleven different shades of thread.  (For Alex Veronelli, and the quilty types, here’s the list of colors in Aurifil MAKO NE 50/2:

  • 2024 white/bianco
  • 2310 cream/crema
  • 2600 light gray/grigio chiaro
  • 1158 graphite gray/grigio grafito
  • 5008 gray blue/blu grigio
  • 2730 medium blue/blu medio
  • 2360 warm brown/marrone caldo
  • 5013 cool dark brown /marrone scuro
  • 2581 regal purple/ viola regale
  • 2250 my favorite bright red! /rosso
  • 2430 “Gazzetta” pink/ rosa di Gazzetta dello Sport

This is quilted with Hobbs Heirloom Wool batting, so I’m hoping I can give it a “blocking” treatment, so that it will hang pretty straight.  Oh, and that pesky hanging sleeve for the back, and it’s DONE!  Huzzah!

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