Salumi Startup

Here is a collection of my acquisitions this fall, in preparation for meat curing.  I got a Frigidaire 42 bottle wine fridge, a hygrometer, Salumi, Ruhlman & Polcyn’s new book, a skin-on ham (for practice), and a boned lamb leg from the O’Neills  of Sheep Improvement.  Not pictured are the Bactoferm cultures, the laminated casings, the beef bungs, the new scale, the boxes of salt.  Right now I’m debating whether I should pony up the cash for a Mangalitsa hog, or whether I’ll stick with the Red Wattle ones that are nearer by.  I’m leaning toward the local pig, mostly for logistical reasons, and loyalty to my local producer.  Proscuitti and salami are in my plan for this fall, as well as the second annual sausage making fest with friends.  In a fit of organization, I’ve also procured a nice notebook, for keeping weights and dates listed.   I’m still waiting for the “personal humidifier” to arrive in the mail, but I may just go forward with the pan of salt slurry method.  Most of this will need to wait until my fall rowing season is over, but I’m getting set up.

Next things to find:

  • 20-lb. weight for weighing down the ham
  • bone saw
  • meat hooks for hanging
  • trussing needle

Looks like it’s time to check Butcher & Packer again.  Toy catalog!  😉

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