Choir Stole Pattern Creation

In response to some recent inquiries, I am currently working on the Choir Stole pattern, so that it would be a PDF, and printable.  I’m sorry that I was not able to do this in the time frame to fill the recent requests, but I’m finally doing it.

As this is my first time trying to generate a printable pattern for non-personal use, I can say that patterns are worth paying for.  This is a bit of a process.  Given some of the great tutorials and patterns that are available on blogs for inexpensive amounts, I dare say that I have some work to do to make this as good as some that I’ve bought.

I want to thank vegbee of little print designs  for the blog post where she laid the process out beautifully.  I’ve got as far as the initial scanning of my pattern parts… we’ll see how long it takes to get this completed.

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One Response to Choir Stole Pattern Creation

  1. boardk says:

    Excellent! Thank you for taking this on. We’ll be keen on hearing how it goes.

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