Cold Smoking in the Winter

2103_ColdSmokePlateInPlaceAfter last night’s smoke of ribs and pork hocks (which had plenty of smoke, but needed more time to cook after 4 hours, so they went into the oven on low), this morning I am prepping for the first cold smoke.    This time I only put one piece of wood in the firebox, as I don’t want the quantity of smoke I got last time.  The picture above is with the cold smoke plate in position.

Here’s what I’m smoking this time:

2013_RicottaConLattea bowl of ricotta con latte, and

2013_ScallopsOnFishRackSMa few sea scallops, which are frozen, and going in that way, so as to keep them cold.  I’m just going for some smoke flavor, as I plan to cook them when I take them out.  We’ll see how it works.

2013_ColdInsuranceSMAnd just to make sure things stay cold, I’m throwing in this pan of ice under the scallops.  So, here we go.  I set the smoker at about 150 F, and we’re off.

Given that it’s 19 degrees F outside this morning, I think keeping everything cold will not be too tough.  Fingers crossed.  Now on to make the stuff to go with the smoked items…



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