Happy Smoking New Year!

2103_ControlAndVentHoleSMToday was the first day I had time to take my new Smokin-It Model #3 out of it’s box.  Thanks for the Christmas money, Susan and John!  Here’s what I bought!  It was about 9 degrees F this morning when I was using the box cutters, but as soon as I saw all this stainless steel, I got really excited.  (A friend on the Salt Cured Pig group surely would have said something about wood, but I’m not configured that way).  Excited enough to stand in a 9 degree garage and just grin while looking this over.

After a short XC ski and a trip to the meat market, it was about 30 degrees when I took these pictures, as I prepared for the initial seasoning smoke.

2013_InsideTheBoxSMThis shot gives you the best view of how ingeniously designed this thing is…. no gaskets or seals on the door, just a flush stainless steel to stainless steel join with easy open bars.  See those hooks on the side panels?  Those are what you put the rack holders on, so you can put the rack holders AND the racks in the dishwasher!  Absolutely fabulous.  The metal bar around the heating element is what holds the fire box in place.  Keep looking… notice the heavy duty casters? and the TWO drain holes to the drip pan (one in the body of the smoker, and one in the lip, so anything that drips against the door goes in the drip pan, too….  I told you I was excited. I am my father’s daughter.  I share his love of cooking stuff with fire and smoke, and his love for beautiful tools.  I don’t remember if Dad had this thing I’ve got for stainless steel, but I’m pretty sure he’d like it.

2013_FireBoxInPlaceSMAfter adding a few wood chunks to the fire box, I put it in place, to get ready for the seasoning smoke.  I plugged in the cord via extension to an outlet in the garage, closed the door, and let it go for about 3 hours.  When I came out and opened the door and removed the fire box (using potholders) here’s what it looked like.2013_SeasonSmokeSM

And here’s what the door looks like.

2013_SeasonDoorSMSeasoning done, it was time to get this loaded up with the first round of MEAT.  I dumped what little ash there was, and then went on with the prep.

2013_DrainHolesSMFirst, I lined the bottom with foil, making sure to poke a hole where the drain hole is.  Then I covered the lid of the firebox, and reloaded it with some more wood chunks. (These are hickory)

2013_FueledSMThen, it was time to put in the racking system, and, of course, the meat.   (I plan to cold smoke some cheese tomorrow, but it’s hot smoking tonight)  I put a basic rub on two slabs of pork ribs,

2013_FirstRubSMand then put a rack full of pork hocks in, unseasoned.  See how hefty these racks are? 2013_HocksSMSo, I loaded it all in, turned the control knob to 225, and now we wait…..


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