Graef Hand Slicer – I am in love!


I decided to buy our household (OK, really me) an anniversary present this year. Traditionally (whose tradition exactly?), sugar is the gift for #6, but  stainless steel works for ANY gift in my book. I had noticed the Graef Hand Slicer thanks to Ken Abala, a fellow member of The Salted Pig. Thanks, Ken. This is going to keep me very happy for a long time.  I love a well designed tool that is a pleasure to use.

Details- it cost 127 Euro, (about $162.00 US as I write this) plus shipping to get this thing of beauty to Southeast Minnesota.  It came in a humongous box, which had inside it another huge box, and finally the regular slicer box that had the label on it, the Styrofoam packaging, etc.  Kudos to Manufactum for getting it here safely (if humorously, which may or may not have been the intent).

The slicer is lightweight, but nicely designed.  I love that it has suction cup feet to keep it still on the counter.


Here is everything that came in the box.  In the photo above, I have attached the food slider.  The black piece is for securing the food that you are slicing.


Here is what the food slider looks like on the bottom.  It goes onto the slicer bed just by hooking the black hooks over the edge of the slicer bed (easy on and off).  I love that there are no little crannies for stuff to get into, and it all can just be wiped clean easily.  I also love that there is nothing to plug in.  If you need something sliced after the zombie apocalypse, you know where to come.

The first thing I sliced with this was bread.  It inspired me to make crostini.  But my main reason for purchasing this is for slicing cured meats, and this is what the Salted Pig folks wanted to know about.

I am pleased to say that it does everything I want it to.  These photos were taken today, by my patient and understanding husband.  I was slicing some of my culatello  for a thank-you gift to the neighbor who took away the two humongous outer boxes for recycling when he saw me at the post office trying to deal with the package on my bicycle.


Action shot from the food pusher side…


and from the cut side.  The little black knob is the width adjuster for positioning the blade to the carriage.


Here is another shot of the slicing action.


and here is one of me, slicing.  As you can see, the tool budget at Slow and Sew far exceeds the hair and makeup budget.

Now for the important part….  how thinly I could slice the meat…..



If the page of Zingerman’s catalog behind this slice had been printed in black instead of blue, this would have had better visual impact.  It says “Sublime Pork”, if you can’t make it out.

This is such a beautiful tool.  If you cure meat or slice things at home, you could do far worse than investing in one of these.  I think it would be great to have if you were to sell cured meat at a Farmer’s Market, and wanted to slice it to order. I’ve only used it three or four times so far, but I know I am going to be glad I bought it.


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11 Responses to Graef Hand Slicer – I am in love!

  1. Bo says:

    will it cut pepperoni sticks with the casing?

  2. Jennifer says:

    yes, no problem.

  3. Great kitchen appliance, exactly what I was searching for. Thanks for sharing this. Will pursue buying one. Who did you order yours from?
    Jim DeLapa

  4. Jennifer says:

    The link in the page takes you to the Manufactum site. It is a German catalogue and retail organization. Google Manufactum, and you can find the site for your country.

  5. Chris near Atlanta says:

    Now that you’ve had it a while – how have you found the clean-up to be?

  6. Jennifer says:

    Not particularly difficult.

  7. Stumbled across this from Reddit, I have been researching for something for my homemade Coppa, with a few weeks left I need a nice slicer and this looks very promising. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Jennifer says:

    No regrets with this purchase on my part. I’ve since bought another one for a family member as a gift.

  9. Michael Rasmussen says:

    Thanks for an instructive review. I must ask you if you still happy with your Graef?

    Best regards

    Michael Rasmussen

  10. Jennifer says:


    I still love this slicer. I got new rubber feet for it recently, but it’s still going strong. I still am trolling craigslist for a big electric one for heavy jobs like the annual holiday bacon presents, but this is still perfectly sufficient for most of my slicing.

  11. micrasmu90 says:

    Thanks for reply! I order one at Manufactum! 🙂

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