7 Month Culatello

As I am preparing for the Day of Pigs on October 19, I am using some of my weekend time to clear out the curing fridge, clear space in the freezer, and decide on recipes for this year’s sausages.  This weekend, I took my last culatello from March out of its casing.

culatello and casing

I rinsed the meat with grappa after removing it from the casing, and took a couple other photos.

vertical shot of casing and culatello
Of course, I sliced it in half, to see how the color was.  It looks like there was a little hardening along two outside edges, so I’ve vacuum sealed them in plastic and I’m putting them in the refrigerator for a week or two, to see if that will improve the overall moisture distribution.

culatello, sliced in half

This is from a barley-fed Red Wattle hog, cured with Trapani sea salt in a laminated casing for 7 months.  Weight loss of 30+ % over 7 months.

I even asked Cute Hubby to take a couple pictures of me with the hams.  Americana con Culatelli in stilo di Emilia Romagna.

woman with culatelli

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  1. Drooling! So wish I could be in Michigan with you!

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