Baby-Quilt Gallery

I like to make baby quilts. I especially like to make baby quilts for people I know and care about. One of the best things about doing it is that I sometimes get a photo of the cute baby on the quilt. Since I recently found a few of these photos, I now have a little gallery. I’m sure you’ll agree that the babies are cute. All photo copyrights are reserved by the parents and grandparents of said cuties.

Sravya, daughter of Srinivas and Sheela of MN

(A couple years late) Mallory, daughter of Ward and Cindy of KS. She was born the same day as Sam Schlottman, below.

River, son of Meghan and Graham of MN, grandson to Hans and Carole of MN

Karis Dylhoff, daughter of Joel and Candie Dylhoff, of MA

Max Klein, son of Sue and Rick Klein, of  WI

Lilly Hansen, daughter of Dan Hansen and Michelle Plahmer, of  MN

Lilly Hansen

Lilly Hansen

Samantha Schlottman, daughter of Brian and Sonela Schlottman, of CA

Samantha Schlottman

Samantha Schlottman

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