As someone who loves to read, this page, and its child pages will be used to list books I find particularly interesting or helpful in my pursuits.

Subsets of my bibliography:

Cheffy Books

Quilty Books

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One Response to Bibliography

  1. Lynda Clover says:

    Hi there madame prez,
    Melissa is so darling. Our mother used to despair of her ‘wallowing’ on the floor. I’m just amazed she can still do it, and get back up. I did notice that the half-photo of me seemed to emphasize the grey in my hair. If you could just give me some golden highlights, it would be most appreciated. My resident chef, currently on hiatus due to injury, pointed out a similar bowl scraper attachment for our bright red kitchenaid mixer. I pointed out that the only time he used the mixer was 4 years ago on the fabulous Lady Baltimore cake. He’s great for a big show, one time only. I, however, do chocolate chip cookies way too often. Cooks had the low-down on the chips and the cookie recipe in the most recent issue. I will be experimenting tomorrow. I need to keep my weight up.
    Thanks for the photos. Thanks for being Prez. Wish I could have been more supportive in your first months. I feel somewhat responsible. I hope Melissa gets back from her latest tour before the next meeting. I have show and share. I actually finished my Mother’s Christmas present, and plan to give it to her in Chicago at the Quilt Festival. So,
    my opportunity for being a show-off (legitimate show-off) is limited to the April
    I do have an idea to expand the value of show and share. I think there should be a moderator/interviewer involved. She could ask questions concerning things learned, problems encountered, whether it used a pattern, stash, or help from someone else. I’ve had other questions in mind, but Tim is blasting ‘The News Hour’ and I find my mind distracted.
    Anyhow, I am enjoying your postings. Some of my favorite all time reading; MFK Fisher. I have been thinking a lot lately about ‘How to Cook a Wolf’. Some folks are there. Luckily not me or you.
    Peace, Keep the Faith, Don’t speak to any strange men,

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