Step Away From the Microwave

Step Away From the Microwave is the name of the four-session basic cooking skills course that I’ve developed.  A good target audience for this class would be students (high school and college), people who want a skills refresher, or people who regularly cook for only one or two people, and need some new inspiration.

The goals of the course are to give students the skills and confidence to cook foods from scratch, and to build student confidence while cooking, so they no longer need to resort to packaged food and the microwave for day to day meals.

Topics covered in the course include:

  1. Kitchen and knife safety
  2. Outfitting a home kitchen with the necessities
  3. Knife sharpening
  4. Basic knife skills
  5. Pantry staples and shopping
  6. Recipe reading and interpretation
  7. Planning and mise en place
  8. Measuring dry and liquid ingredients
  9. Basic saute and skillet skills
  10. Basic baking
  11. Menu planning and entertaining guests
  12. Timing and organization

If you would like more information on the course, and would like to take it, please let me know.

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